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The Rising Again of Assyria in Bible Prophecy

The Rising Again of Assyria in Bible Prophecy

In fulfilment of Bible prophecy, Christine Darg discusses one of the great ancient empires soon to be resurrected.

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History Channel Documentary - Assyrian Empire - The Ancient Assyrian Civilization


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MILITARY HISTORY : Ancient Assyria and Ancient Macedonia

Uploaded by MILITARY HISTORY 2015. The Military History of Ancient Assyria and Ancient Macedonia. By the eighth century BC, the Assyrians had created the largest empire to date - stretching...

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History Channel Documentary - Assyrian Empire - The Ancient Assyrian Civilization

More Documentaries : http://assyria.purzuit.com/video/dECmLaFMVNg.html http://assyria.purzuit.com/video/D4n0nc3xdPQ.html History Channel Documentary - Assyrian Empire - The Ancient Assyrian Civilization...

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History Channel Documentary - Ancient Assyria and Ancient Macedonia Full Documentary

history,history channel documentary,documentary history channel,history channel,history channel documentary 2014,history documentary,history of the world,discovery channel,documentary films,documen...

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Animated History of the Ancient Assyrian Empire Part One

Animated history of the ancient Assyrian Empire part one deals with its rise in the age of empires. The ancient Egyptian, Hittite, Mitanni, and Mycenaean empires surrounded its birth. #Assyria...

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The Rise and Fall of the Assyrian Empire

This video is a map animation depicting the rise and the fall of the Neo-Assyrian Empire.

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An Elderly Assyrian Man with Unusual Family Tree

This elderly Assyrian man in the village of Nahla has planed a tree for every one of his family members living in diaspora.

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Hartmut Kühne | The Collapse of the Assyrian Empire and the Evidence of Dur-Katlimmu

Hartmut Kühne, University Professor at the Institut für Vorderasiatische Archäologie, presents \

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Who Are The Assyrians?

The Assyrians: Masters of War. A short documentary about the Assyrians and their role in history. Who are they? What did they do?

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The Assyrian Antichrist

Daniel - Revelation - Weekly Bible Study at Lenexa Ks. We are studying from the book Ancient Prophecies Revealed. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/143825346X/ref=as_li_tf_il?ie=UTF8&tag=biblefacts-...

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Ancient Assyria

Tenth Grade World History Project.

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Civilization V OST | Ashurbanipal Peace Theme | Ancient Assyrian Chant

Civilization V OST by Geoff Knorr & Michael Curran: Ashurbanipal Peace Theme.

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Assyrian DNA - Fox News - Know Your Roots 1

http://i37.tinypic.com/350ti69.jpg Assyrian news reporter, Nineveh Dinha, traces her roots back over 3000 years to ancient Assyria using DNA.

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3D Digital Art Ancient Nineveh - Ashurbanipal, Assyria

Ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh shown in almost real-time (in modern day Iraq, Assyria Regional Governorate)

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The Assyrians


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History of Assyria 3000 to 1000 BC

The Fan of History gives you a brief recap of two thousand years wroth of history of Assyria before he takes on the Neo-Assyrian Empire. Find out what happens next in the Events of the 990s...

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11. The Assyrian Empire and the Israelite Monarchy

The beginning of Assyrian recovery coincided with the division of the Israelite monarchy. The failure of the tribes of Israel in the north to honor their covenant God led eventually to their...

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Myths of Babylonia and Assyria 1 (Tales, Legends from Babylon, Sumeria, etc.) Audiobook

Myths of Babylonia and Assyria 1, Tales, Legends from Babylon, Babel Tower, Sumeria, Audiobook. Donald Alexander Mackenzie (1873 -- March 2, 1936) was a Scottish journalist and prolific writer...

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Miss Assyria 2014

Miss Assyria Produced By Assyrian Media Center Executive Producer \

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Israel & Assyria: Biblical Roots of an Eternal Bond

Originally presented on November 20, 2016 LTC Sargis Sangari, Chief Executive Officer of the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement, presents at the Beth Radom Congregation in Toronto at...

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Israel and Assyria, 900-600 BCE

Relations with Assyria heavily shaped the histories of Israel and Judah from at least 853609 BCE. This video surveys some of the more prominent interactions between these kingdoms.

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Miss Assyria 2013 Chicago Illinois


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Events of the 890s BC Assyria vs Babylon

Adad-Nirari II, the first king of the Assyrian Empire, marches through the land, forcing people to give him their beds and monkeys. Can anyone resist him? Well, maybe Babylon can! World...

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Assyria - The Cradle Of Civilization

This documentary explains world history and explains the Assyrians contribution to world history. For the record, I personally don't agree with the promotion of race mixing as depicted in...

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Hugekilla - Assyria (Original Mix)

If you enjoyed the song hit the \

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Babylon - Egypt - Assyria - Anunnaki - nazism - Iran: similarities

Typical similarities over more then 6000 years Babylon, Egypt, Assyria, Anunnaki, nazism, Iran.

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History of Assyria - Rise and Fall


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Nineveh, Capital of Assyria

Nineveh, Capital of Assyria Song by Evin Agassi - Famous Assyrian Singer.

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The Assyrians #1 - Military Forces of the Neo-Assyrian Empire

The Assyrian bas-reliefs on display at the British Museum are not only beautiful to behold but present to us a wealth of information about contemporary Assyrian life. This video is part 1...

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History of Civilization 19: The Assyrians

Study of the rise and fall of the Assyrian Empire. This is part of a larger series on the History of Civilization to be found at http://johnstevenson.net/ – this series was developed for...

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16. Assyria Falls, Babylon Rises, and Josiah Reforms

Assyria fell to a combined assault by Nabopolassar of Babylon and Cyaxeres of Media, and with its fall the Babylonians began to dominate the region of Syria and Israel. During those years,...

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Prince Of Assyria - Tears Of Joy


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ASSYRIAN 70s songs MIX


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Is The Antichrist an Assyrian?

In recent years there is new interest in an Antichrist being from Assyria. This idea first begin with Monk from 270 AD. and has been popularized by Walid Shoebat and other prophecy teachers...

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